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Kevin T. Lee

coherence (co-her-ence) : the quality or state of cohering : as

  • a : systematic or logical connection or consistency
  • b : integration of diverse elements, relationships, or values

(reference Merriam-Webster)

Directed by James Ward Byrkit, Coherence is an eerie, spooky and mysterious sci-fi film. It started with a movie mystery sorta feel. With 8 friends having dinner, talking and drinking wine. Each turn of events you start to wonder what is reality and what isn't. This film really gets you thinking about alternate realities and different universal timelines. I mean.. do we know it thats real? For a low-budget film, the camera work was a little jumpy but it played well to the type of atmosphere the film was building including the intimacy and unease of the characters. Be warned you'll be left wondering when you finish watching this film.

The ordinary setting and simplicity of the film puts the viewer in the center of all the action. You might find it dry to begin with, but this low-budget film plays on the fact of not knowing. Don't watch the trailer and jump right into it, you'll be puzzled with the outcome.

Worth checking out if you like sci-fi films!


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