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Marvel has given us drama. They've given us laughs (thank you very much, Guardians). They've even made us cry (looking at you, Groot).

With Ant-Man, coming to theaters in 2015, we could be in store for all of the above. Before there was Chris Pratt, Paul Rudd held the crown of "handsome and funny" Hollywood King. Rudd will be starring in Ant-Man, but he won't be the only comedic genius behind Marvel's latest experiment.

Is that you in there, Paul Rudd?
Is that you in there, Paul Rudd?

Judy Greer, of Arrested Development and Archer fame, was announced as a member of the Ant-Man cast, but she's been shy to share any details until now. Well to be fair, it's hard to share much when you haven't read the script.

Greer is starring alongside Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, and Ansel Elgort in Paramount's Men, Women, & Children, in theaters this week.

Check out our exclusive sit-down with the lovely Judy Greer below:

Moviepilot: We like to ask everyone we talk to, 'What’s the interview question that no one ever asks, but that you kind of wish would come up more in these interviews?'

Judy Greer: Oh, wow. Oh boy. Ask me another question; let me think of this one before…

MP: [laughs] Sure, there’s another one we like to ask. We're recasting any movie of all time, and you can play the lead role. What movie, which role do you choose?

JG: I guess for lead actress, my automatic first place is Sally from When Harry Met Sally. And then for my favorite supporting role - if they were recasting today, I would absolutely get this part - would be Teri Garr's role in Tootsie. I don’t think I’d get cast as Sally, even though that’s my fantasy role. I know that everyone’s probably like, “Annie Hall!”

MP: You'd be surprised how many Annie Hall's we get.

JG: I'm telling you, that's what every girl probably says. [hilarious girly voice] 'Annie Hall!' But I like the supporting role question. I figured I had to get a supporting option too, right?

MP: [laughs] You absolutely do. I’m going to amend that question moving forward to give the supporting actor/actress option as well.

JG: I think that I’m actually going to use that as my answer to what I wish more people would say! “If you could be in any supporting character in any movie, what would it be?” Instead of just the starring role. [laughs]

MP: A lot of our readers are huge superhero and comic book fans, I’m sure you can’t speak too much, but you’re getting ready for Ant-Man, right?

JG: Mm’hmm! I leave on Monday to post-start.

MP: Oh, cool! What should we expect? What’s exciting about this comic book and superhero movie that’s maybe a little different from what's already out there?

JG: I can’t even tell you because they haven’t let me read the script yet. But, I can tell you: who doesn't love Paul Rudd? And Peyton Reed directed one of my all-time favorite movies, The Break Up, so I love the idea of a guy who can direct the shit out of a romantic comedy doing a superhero/action movie because that’s the stuff that’s going to make the movie great, is the comedy. That’s what I loved about Guardians of the Galaxy, the comedy and the real personalities of the characters. It wasn't just like 'I'm a tough superhero and I’m going to kick some ass.' There’s interpersonal relationships that are being dealt with, there's successes and failures, there's comedy. That was what I was excited about, and Paul Rudd.

MP: Is Paul Rudd the hottest man on the planet, or...?

JG: I mean, I’m going to go with Dean Johnson as my answer [Judy's husband in real life], but then...after Dean Johnson? Oh geez. I guess I want to say Paul Rudd because I’m about to go work with him? [laughs]

MP: He might read this article.

JG: I don't know! I'm just going to go with Dean Johnson!

MP: When you were growing up, did you have that one superhero or superheroine that you looked up to?

JG: Wonder Woman! I loved Wonder Woman. I had Wonder Woman underoos, I was obsessed with the show. That was my jam.

Men, Women, & Children is now playing in select theaters, and will expand to additional theaters over the coming week.


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