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It's been one whole week and during the past seven days we have received some really great articles. From the 'Top 10' lists, to the reasons why Halloween was a truly awesome and iconic film; we've read them all and I got to say guys, you just keep getting better and better at this because we all really loved them! And yes, you get to choose your very own costume for FREE. Check out the list of the ones you can get here:

Darth Vader


Princess Leia

Wonder Woman



Freddy Krueger

Michael Myers


And now the moment you've been waiting for... *Cue the drumroll please*

And the winners of the Contest are:

Kevin T. Lee:

Batman v Superman: Just the beginning for Justice League

  • Great questions asked, and a really cool compilation of his top 5 favorite Batman and Superman gifs!

Khalil Wright:

10 of the Most Epic Slasher Villain Moments

  • What an amazing list, these really send chills down my spine!

Loki Athica Shy:

Top 5 Nightmare on Elm Street Deaths

  • I can surely agree on all of these, no doubt!

Alex Woods:

Batman v Superman: This is Why You Should Be Excited

  • Oh yes, even more excited after reading this article!

Matthew Surprenant:

A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Sequel: Here's Why We Need One!

  • I'm glad it's not just me who wants a sequel!

Thank you to all the contributors who participated in this contest, and congrats to all the winners! Winners, keep a lookout for messages from yours truly. Your work was seriously awesome to read, and we can't get enough of it. Keep it comin'! With tons of HUGE giveaways coming soon, hopefully you'll want to! So, just keep writing because you never know what your articles will get you here on Moviepilot.

Also, make sure to check out our friends at for your costume solutions. They're pretty much the coolest ever and they have some really rad costumes to spruce up your October 31st wardrobe!


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