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This is a big one. This is the CRAVE article that many will love, because it involves the beloved AVENGERS. As I was brainstorming ideas for a new article, I was thinking to much outside the box. So, I thought about simple articles I could write and the first that came to mine is The Avengers we CRAVE! Now what this means is, members of [The Avengers](movie:9040) who are not in or planned to be in Avengers 2, or another Avengers movie (So scratch off Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy and [Black Panther](movie:9047)). And sticking to more realistic choices (Also scratch off Spider-Man and Wolverine). This article is more focused on members who are not planned to be in the movie, that I personally want to be in a movie. So, let me shut up and enjoy the post!

The Sentry

As always I will give you a brief description and origin of the hero:

When meth addict Robert Reynolds broke into a secret lab and consumed a glowing Super-Solider serum, he developed the power of a thousand exploding suns and went on to become the Sentry, the greatest hero the world as ever known. His powers include super-strength, speed, invulnerability, flight and able to control light. Also he has never reached his full potential power which could end up horribly!

The way I see it, Sentry is kind of like the Superman of Marvel, meaning he is pretty overpowered. But, Sentry has a lot more to his story. Not only was he a part of the Avengers, but he also has a bad side! His other side called the Void (picture above to the left) which is his evil side of his powers is super overpowered. How it works is, if Sentry saves one thousand people, the Void will kill a thousand. Robert cannot control this which causes for great story lines and battles.

It would be great to see Sentry and the Void on the big screen! SPOILER: At the end of the battles of the Void, Thor kills Sentry and carries his body to burn in the sun, which would be freaking awesome to see in a movie! There are many reasons why Sentry should be in a Avenger movie, but I have to move on at some point!

The Black Knight

Not the Dark Knight ladies and gentlemen, the BLACK KNIGHT! Here is an odd origin and description of the character:

The first Black Knight, Sir Percy of Scandia,was born in the 6th Century and became one of the bravest knights at the court of King Arthur Pendragon at Camelot, Here he led a double life, posing as a mild-mannered fop while secretly fighting evil as the Black Knight, armed with the Ebony Blade, a sword fashioned by Merlin the Magician from the Starstone meteorite. Centuries later, Sir Percy's spirit returned to converse with his ancestors, Professor Nathan Garrett and Dana Whitman, each of whom would take up his mantle. He is a great scientist, rides a winged horse and has a power lance that fires heat and force beams. Also has the Ebony Blade, which can be a blessing or a curse. It grants the user invulnerable, but if it tastes blood, it will eventually corrupt the user.

Pretty interesting description in my opinion. Anyway, why should he be in the Avengers? It's simple, he joined the Avengers while fighting Kang (who should be in an Avengers movie) and defeats him becoming a full time member. Now you know how to squeeze him in, why would you? Because he is a bad-ass! Not only is he cool looking in my opinion, but he is also very powerful, very cool, and overall original to the Avengers team. They don't have a lot of knight Avengers on their team at the moment, so why not get started?

Moon Knight

A mercenary left for dead in the Egyptian desert, Marc Spector was found by followers of the Egyptin god Khonshu, who saved his life and gave him superhuman powers. His strength waxes and wanes with the moon, he bears weapons given to him by the Khonshu (throwing darts, golden ankh that glows when danger is near and ivory boomerangs).

Yes, I did put another "knight" on this, but c'mon Moon Knight is Batman if he had a multiple personality disorders! Moon Knight is mainly related to the Secret Avengers, but also has been apart of the original Avengers team. Like I said with Black Knight, Moon Knight would be original to the Avengers movies. He is a dark toned character, which would be a total change up from all the bright one-liners.

I'm also thinking he'll be included in the Defenders Neflix series, because another one of his team afflictions was with the Defenders. I like the idea of bringing him into the Neflix series, but then adding him to the Avengers line up and kicking major ass!

Do you agree with me? Is some of my information wrong? Well it shouldn't be because I got it all from the Marvel Encyclopedia (that's right I typed all 901 words of this)! Anyway, tell me in the comments what your thoughts are follow me for more super stuff, and take them polls. I added another poll of what my next CRAVE article could be, so chose what you want to see next! Thanks for reading!


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