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Before I start this, I wanna credit Moviepilot contributor James Ingram for inspiring me to make this response article. I would link James' profile to this article, but James has his profile private (at least to me) & I will respect his privacy. To know what I will be talking about in this article, I would like you to read James' very well thought through article here. I also want to thank James for letting me make this article as I will be taking his ideas & mashing them with my idiotic ideas. Thank you, James.

Da Rules:

1) There may or may not be profanity. You have been warned.

2) Mainly out of wishful thinking, I am going to assume by the year 2028, Marvel Studios will have the rights to FF ( [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667), for you non-nerds; it's okay, I still love ya) back.

3) I am begging anyone that reads this, please comment something negative. The last couple of article I've done have had very positive comments. It felt very weird & I need some hate. So, in conclusion, bring on the hate!

I am to assume you read James' article before this, if not, here it is once again!

'The END of the MCU'

So, James had some ideas on how the MCU could end. What I'm gonna be talking about is nearly the same thing. Only difference is James had an end,... me... I have an end & a beginning. Assuming Marvel would use someone like Galactus (when FF rights revert) or Kang The Conqueror; I personally want Kang. Let's start with the basic info: [The Avengers](movie:9040) 6 (hopefully called 'New Avengers' instead of just continuing the solo Avengers name; assuming after A3 the team disbands & reforms) is Kang's time to shine; if the movie gets split up into 2-parts like how A3 is rumored, first half of the 2-part epic is Kang showing how badass he is & the 2nd half is, of course, the conclusion of the threat?

The first half of A6/NA3 the main Avengers recruit everyone they can to help stop Kang; the Defenders, honorary Avengers, etc. Bunch of shit happens in the middle of the movie(s), final battle comes. It's the Avengers, Defenders & co. (excluding the Guardians due to Kang blocking interstellar communications) fighting Kang. Randomly throughout the battle, Kang kills multiple heroes & villains. Even though Kang has the upper hand, he gets overwhelmed by very clever fighting tactics by the surviving heroes & villains. Kang, in a pit of rage, bombs the planet. Meaning, multiple explosions over the planet. Killing nearly every hero & villain. The Avengers have failed to avenge the world. You just got chills, right? Either chills of pure anger or chills of "Holy shit..." Either way, I'm happy.

Marvel Studios makes 1 more movie franchise, entitled 'The End'. I would have like 2 movies, yeah, another 2-parter! ! 'The End' would follow Earth's final hope, the Future Foundation, consisting of Bruce Banner/Hulk, Carol Danvers/Ms./Captain Marvel, Frank Castle/Punisher, James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine/Iron Patriot, Loki & Dr. Victor Von Doom. Okay, let me explain, I picked Future Foundation cause the name is meant to inspire hope for the future which these 6 (willingly or not) are trying to achieve. I picked the 6 because 1) each one of them have very different personalities, 2) because some of them are those types of characters where you ask yourself "Why & how did THEY survive?" & 3) cause I fucking can. I know damn well that this is gonna spark up some controversy! I can already feel the negativity & hatred!

Because of Kang's deadly assault, the world's power is cut off except one place, Avengers Tower, where Kang uses the tower as his personal weapon & living quarters. So, all Iron-Armors are useless. Just a bunch of metal parts. 'The End' focuses on our beloved Loki. The planet has gone savage. Those who chose to fight is now dressed as medieval warriors. Yes, that means Hulk is dressed like this...

The Hulk: Post Apocalypse
The Hulk: Post Apocalypse

When I thought of this, I was thinking Banner would use the left arm of the Hulkbuster armor as Hulk's left arm protector. 'The End' would start about a month after Kang's assault. We would get a quick recap of A6/NA3 with Tom Hiddleston narrating the recap. The theme of the movie(s) is post-apocalyptic. Rhodey is the team leader cause of his military experience & because Carol didn't want the responsibility of controlling a group of renegades. The Future Foundation concocts a plan to take down Kang in 1 final attack.

To make a long story short, Rhodey gets all willing bodies to join the assault. We'll jump ahead to the big attack. The team storms Avengers Tower quietly. Rhodey & Loki find Kang's trophy room filled with things from fallen heroes & villains; for example: Cap's shield & part of his uniform, Thor's cape & Mjolnir, the Infinity Gauntlet & a Groot-chip (a wood fragment of Groot) unplanted. When Rhodey looks at the Gauntlet, he notices that one of the stones is missing. Loki identifies it as the Time Stone missing.

The 2 assume it is because of Kang's time-traveling; Kang uses it to transport his equipment from the future. Frank & Doom are working their way up the tower to find a room glowing with agonizing screams pouring out from it. Frank & Doom bust in the room ready to kick ass & take names just to find a former Young Avenger, Nathaniel Richards/Iron Lad aka teenage Kang, locked & being consistently shocked to "keep alive". Doom figures out a way to break Nate free & help the FF (Future Foundation) take down Kang. Nate gives Frank & Doom an option, taking his own life so Kang never exists. Frank & Doom agree that it would work, but because Rhodey is the leader, they decide on "following his orders." Cause that's what Vic & Frank do, listen to people. Hulk & Carol take the back end of the tower. Hulk & Carol start talking when Hulk freezes.

We jump to a black room with Bruce & Hulk talking to each other. Bruce decides on leaving Hulk due to Bruce be too depressed to carry on living. Bruce lost the love of his life, the only living family member & his Avenger family. Hulk unfreezes, now, all alone. No more Banner. Just Hulk. Carol asks, "What the hell happened to you?" "Nothing that concerns you." Hulk replies.

The team regroups outside of Avengers Tower's main living area. Now, with Iron Lad joined, the team is ready to take Kang down. They bust through the doors to find Kang waiting for them. The 7 attack Kang, but once again, Kang has the upper hand. First one to die is Doom, then Rhodey, then Frank, then Carol. Leaving Hulk, Nate & Loki left to defend Earth. Hulk & Nate attack Kang at the same time hoping for Kang to choose whom to retaliate. Kang knocks Hulk on his ass & holds Nate by the throat, proclaiming that there is no way Nate can escape his future as Kang. During Kang's rant, Loki finds Kang's traveling devise & has it set for the birth of Nathaniel Richards. Loki contemplates whether to save Earth or let it be destroyed.

Loki decides that by saving Earth means having another shot at conquering Earth for himself. So, Loki jumps into the time machine with Kang following behind. Loki & Kang now stand right where Nathaniel is born. The Avengers 1st villain faces the Avengers last villain. Loki gets the upper hand on Kang long enough to duplicate & murder baby Nathaniel right in front of Kang. Loki watches as Kang, on his knees, slowly disappears, resetting time. The time reset sends Loki back to the present where the Avengers have yet to be formed, Loki has yet to be denied the throne & Kang has never harmed a soul.

'The End' ends with Loki on Asgard, happy for an unknown reason. We would get cameos from Jaimie Alexander/Lady Sif, Chris Hemsworth/Thor & Sir Anthony Hopkins/Odin. This movie would be the "Days Of Future Past" of the MCU. Continuation, but also a reboot. The reason it is a continu-reboot is because of all of Iron Lad/Kang's actions in the past before A6/NA3. For example: the Young Avengers. The Young Avengers will more than likely form in the MCU before the Fantastic Four. Just that changes everything because of the Butterfly Effect. One little difference can change everything.

Well, that was my response article to James Ingram whom I wanna thanks once again for letting me write this without someone claiming "You stole that idea!" If you have any comments (*fingers crossed* Please be negative), drop them down in the gootch!


How would you feel if Loki was our last hope for survival?


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