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For the last episode of Sci-Fi-Tember, the Jasons are joined by Aldrin Cornejo of the "You Know Stuff" podcast. The three of them take on the films Short Circuit (1986) and Short Circuit 2 (1988) - heartwarming tales of a military robot that comes to life and then doesn't shut up. They discuss the first films' premise and how far it goes to set that up, Johnny 5, character design, 80s racism, trying to beat your main character to death in a kids' movie, Ally Sheedy, Steve Gutenberg, Fisher Stevens, Michael McKean, voice acting, D&D and more!

And with that, our coverage of Sci-Fi-Tember comes to a close! See you in a few days for the start of the Month of Spooky Sh**, our annual coverage of all things spooky for Halloween!

Jason Squared Podcast #86

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