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Yes, you already got pics and updates of what seems to be the possible Wayne Manor in the upcoming BvS, the other day. Ready for some more? Okay...

So, we all have known for quite some time that our hero Kal-El is likely to come face-to-face with the people of Metropolis (due to the extensive damage done to their city during the events of Man of Steel). Now, it appears the rumors are true according to the latest tweets by Tim Reinman (@treinman) that show citizens gathering to protest against out beloved hero.

As you can see, the protesters are carrying signs that include, "SuperDEATH", "When invasion becomes reality, revolt becomes duty,” or “Thanks for the ‘help.’” Not to mention, a Superman dummy was indeed torched there, according to Tim Malin (@D3T0N8R)...

It appears, it will be difficult for our hero to gain their good graces again, and my bet is that's where the story truly unfolds and 'The Other Guy' (a.k.a. the guy with anger issues) joins in. However, events like this are not new to the DC Universe, if you know what I mean...

So, what do you think is causing this? And what might happen afterwards, for that matter? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: ComicBookMovie and Twitter


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