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A Nightmare on Elm Street (ANOEM).. Probably only the best horror film within the movie industry, in my opinion. After all, what can be better than a guy who is able to continuously haunt you in your dreams.. Or your unborn child's dreams for that matter? Not to mention, being born a bastard child from a molested nun.. Now that's even more messed up!

Freddy Krueger is the ideal mastermind when it comes to a horror film. Not only does he rock the red and green sweater (that I am sure would be close to winning an ugly Christmas sweater contest); his ability to strike fear into the hearts of so many viewers is incredible. The eeriness of listening to his blades scratch across the metal in the boiler room, the pure wit and amusement of his character (played by Robert Englund) and craziness of the death scenes written by Wes Craven all bring together a monster (or hero in my case) that won't be forgotten.

Now, when I talk about ANOEM, I am talking about the 80's version of the movie. Not the 2010 remake of the movie. Let's not get me started on the remake.. I'll just say that I didn't much care for it. I understand originally that Freddy was made to be a child molester, but due to issues in the world, Wes Craven decided to change that. I, for one, am glad that he did decide to take that portion out. Nothing is more disturbing to me than child molestation and rape scenes. The Hills Have Eyes.. Very disturbing to me because of the baby momma rape scene. (Sorry for the spoiler alert, but I was extremely disturbed) The new movie was not Freddy to me.. No (Englund) humor in it and changing him to be the child molester crossed the boundaries for me. Plus, the mask was just horrible in comparison!

I still recall to this day, what I got for Christmas when I was 13. Most kids want a bike or some video game system. Not me! Not by any means.. I requested to have the whole collection of the ANOEM. That is how much I loved Krueger and his ability to mesmerize me in ways no other horror star has been able to. Call me demented, but the amount of joy I had on my face unwrapping the box that held every single movie created was unmeasurable. Also, while most kids were watching "A Christmas Story," I was up in my room watching the macabre of Freddy come across my screen and show those teenagers who exactly was the boss.

Lastly, as being raised on horror films from my early childhood, I have seen so many that I probably couldn't even name them all. You have Jason (which I think they went a little or more so a lot overboard once they took him to space), Chucky (that soulless, or technically Charles' spirit, red-headed demon doll), Puppet Master (which the storyline got too confusing when it came to the Nazis), Children of the Corn (creepy considering I live in Indiana and have three cornfields surrounding me), Halloween (I like the silent, strong type in a man.. Haha), Hellraiser (not a fan of needles.. so that one was weird) and many more. Nothing ever came to a pure perfection as Wes Craven's ANOEM.

As I bid thee farewell and you head into a blissful slumber... Just remember... One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You!


Who is your favorite horror movie character?


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