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By now, many of you have probably seen the newest trailer for Gotham. It gives us our first glimpse at Arkham, including a tantalizing name drop of Arkham City, a look at Penguin's return to Gotham, Sal Maroni combating Carmine Falcone, and a look at villains Victor Zsasz and someone who looks to be Professor Pyg by his pig mask. A man in a burlap mask also is speculated by a few to be Scarecrow, though this seems highly unlikely. His religious talk and referring to lambs would also inspire belief that he could be either Zsasz or Pyg, but Scarecrow seems very unlikely at this stage, particularly when villains like the Riddler are not likely to be their alter egos any time soon.

It also gives us the names of Episodes 3-7 confirmed after "Pilot" and the most recent "Selina Kyle."

  • Episode 3- The Ballonman.
  • Episode 4- Arkham.
  • Episode 5- Viper.
  • Episode 6- Spirit of the Goat. (Potentially where the man with lambs fits in.)
  • Episode 7- Penguin's Umbrella.

I can't wait to see what the series holds!


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