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Warning: Huge Walking Dead spoilers and comic book talk coming up. Do not proceed beyond this point is you haven't seen the latest episode, "Strangers."

Following the action-packed curtain raiser last week, last night's episode "Strangers" was a more gentle affair which focused more on character development than big explosions.

And then the last 2 minutes happened and everything changed.

But we'll get to that later. First, let's take a closer look at "Strangers."

1 - Father Gabriel is almost certainly a naughty boy

There's no doubting that new arrival Father Gabriel is harboring a dark secret. There were signs people tried to force their way into the church and the ominous message "You'll burn for this" was carved into the wall outside.

The evidence suggests Gabriel might not have been as pious as he makes out and turned people away from his church who came looking for sanctuary.

And who was the bespectacled walker in the food bank? We later saw a photo of Gabriel with her, pre-apocalypse. Was she his wife? Friend? Mistress? Did he also turn her away in her moment of need?

Speaking of which...

2 - Is the man of the cloth in league with Beth's captors?

Daryl and Carol spotted a car with the same cross on the back that took Beth. The religious symbol and the fact it was spotted near the church suggests that Gabriel might somehow be involved.

Is Gabriel in league with her captors? Perhaps he supplies these guys with "victims" as payment for food and protection.

We haven't heard from Beth since she was kidnapped, but with Daryl and Carol now in pursuit of this mysterious car, we might soon get some answers.

3 - The good book predicted what was about to happen to Bob

This entire episode was full of religious iconography, but perhaps the most prophetic was the passage written on the arch inside the church.

It's taken from John 6:54 and reads "He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life." Considering what then happened to Bob at the end of the episode, it was an epic piece of foreshadowing.

4 - Fear the Hunters!

So after months of speculation, the Termites finally revealed their true motivations. We always suspected they were a bunch of no-good cannibals but I was still pretty shocked when it was revealed that Bob's leg had been on their menu.

This is one of the most iconic storylines from the comic - except on the show they are using Bob instead of Dale - and next week's episode is going to be insane.

You see, what the Hunters don't realize is Bob's meat is tainted. I think he got bitten by the mouldy basement walker at the food bank, which is the reason he was weeping alone outside the church.

I bet Gareth's BobBurger won't taste so great when he realizes Bob is about to turn into a walker.

5 -Tyreese is not a killer... yet

So it looks like Tyreese is not a killing machine after all. I thought he'd pummeled the guy from Terminus to death in the first episode, but clearly he just gave him a huge beating and let him go.

I don't expect him to be quite as lenient the second time around. And if Rick finds out this dude threatened to snap Judith's neck, this guy is gonna wish Tyreese had finished the job back in the cabin 'cus there's a whole world of pain about to come his way.


What did you think about "Strangers"?


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