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In the latest episode of [Gotham](series:1127075), "Selina Kyle," we were treated, same as in the pilot, to quick transitions involving a camera sliding along the Gotham skyline, which, I should add, has been brilliantly crafted by the effects and design team of the series, looking like it's straight out of the comics.

What caught the eye of many last night was a little Easter Egg featuring a big green "Q" - resembling the logo used for Queen Consolidated in Arrow. While it may just be a playful easter egg, the creators of Gotham having a bit of fun- after all, they did share the "Night of DC Entertainment" at Comic Con with both Arrow and the Flash- some suggest it could hint at a crossover between Arrow and Gotham some point in the future, or simply that they exist in the same universe.

Queen Consolidated's headquarters in Starling City.
Queen Consolidated's headquarters in Starling City.

While crossovers seem unlikely, given the time difference, it may be entirely possible at some point, particularly now that we've had the Dollmaker introduced, who appeared in [Arrow](series:720988) Season 2's "Broken Dolls."

What do you think? Just a casual easter egg?


Would you like "Gotham" to exist in the same universe as "Arrow/Flash?"


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