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Minor spoilers for Gotham Episode 2 "Selina Kyle" ahead.

If you watched the most recent Gotham, you'll know that the child abductors were sending their "batch" to a man they called the Dollmaker twice, though never by his real name. What's curious is how he was introduced and his clients "not knowing what he does with them."

In the comics, like with most characters, there have been multiple versions of the Dollmaker. The most recent is the New 52 version, Barton Mathis, who also showed up in Arrow as a criminal which Detective Lance managed to take down, only for him to escape again. He was ultimately killed in the ensuing fight with the Arrow by the Canary. Here, he murdered women and then made them look like dolls, filling them with a hardening liquid and dressing them up. It was one of the series' more disturbing villains, but a very good episode all the same.

Mathis' handiwork in Arrow...a Gotham worthy crime.
Mathis' handiwork in Arrow...a Gotham worthy crime.

In the New 52, and other versions of the character, The Dollmaker uses parts of his victims to turn into typically cybernetic dolls which he uses to fight Batman. Most notably, he was the one who cut off the Joker's face in the New 52, and many are familiar with that story. But what's more interesting when examining him for Gotham is his backstory- we may not be seeing any of the three versions of the Dollmaker we know, though he's likely related to Barton Mathis.

Indeed, in the most literal meaning of the word "related"- he may well be Barton's father. Not only would this provide an intro to a villain Batman will later fight as he is in the comics when he grows up, a child in the show, father Wesley Mathis' story is consistent with what has already been set up. In the episode, the logo for the industries shipping the children which later is established as a trident- alluding the company's name- is described as a "plate and fork." This earns a disturbed look, and the addition of "we don't know what he uses the children for." What's being hinted at here is cannibalism, it would seem. But this isn't a throwaway line.

In the comics, Barton Mathis is taken on hunting trips with his father Wesley...only these hunting trips are for hunting people, who Barton watches his father murder, and then eat. Stacking up so far, yes, but the final part in Wesley's history is what ties into Gotham best. Barton watched as his father was put to an end, shot by a young cop, who happens to be James Gordon.

It's entirely possible the Dollmaker we'll see in Gotham will be Wesley Mathis, his death inspiring the young Barton to embark on a crusade against Gordon. The fact that what this Dollmaker does with his victims is insinuated to be cannibalism and the story wasn't resolved implies he'll pop up again soon...perhaps for the revelation he is Wesley, and if the show is consistent with the comics, Gordon's subsequent murder of him. Perhaps the logo being described as it was is simply a nod to this character...or perhaps it harbours something more sinister. Here's hoping the latter, to set up the real Dollmaker later, and for a good arc on the show.


Which Dollmaker would you like to see on Gotham?


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