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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Hey, Frozen fans! Ever wanted a sexy Elsa costume? Or even a sexy Olaf the cheerful male snowman costume?

Nope, me neither... I'm kind of a big fan of the innocent charm depicted in Frozen. The movie didn't exactly scream 'sexy' for me. However the kind folks at Yandy have decided to make your (my? who's?) weird sexy dreams come true with these bizarre creations...

Totally unlicensed of course:

Cheeky Anna

Probably the most demure option for the sexy Frozen costume-wearer, this stylish number is the most innocent of the bunch.


It's heating up...Sexy Elsa!

Flowing gown swishing in your wake, feel the snow melt as you sizzle with Frozen-themed hotness!


Sexy Elsa not Sexy enough? Try Extra-Sexy Sexy Elsa!

With these killer heels and daring mid-thigh skirt, you'll be building everyone's pants!


And Finally...SEXY OLAF!

If the pom-pom bodysuit and the image of Frozen's Olaf getting jiggy didn't do it for you, how about that foxy ice cream cone affixed to her face? WOWZER!


LOL...or just a bit too weird? Sound off in the comments below!


How do you feel about the 'Sexy' Frozen Costumes?

Source: Yandy


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