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Throughout history, artists have used a variety of mediums to express themselves, but I'm pretty sure not many have used squash plants as the basis of their artistic feats.

Well, that's what Villafane Studios specializes in, and with Halloween just around the corner, it's time to peruse some of their most impressive, and ghoulish, Jack-o'lanterns. Take a look below:

A Vegetarian Zombie?

Surely they'd prefer grains to brains?

Clowning Around With Pumpkins

I would be more impressed with this if I wasn't so utterly terrified.

Squashed Terror

If Jack-o'lanterns are supposed to ward off evil-spirits, I can certainly see this one doing a good job.

What Lies Under A Pumpkin's Skin?

Chuck this pumpkin as far away from me possible!

I Want My Mummy!

Good Gourd! Keep it away from me!

The Smashing (Through) Pumpkins

The addition of paintbrushes barely makes him look friendlier.

And... The Pièce de Résistance

I don't know what's more impressive, the zombie or the size of the pumpkin it must have come from.

Although specializing in this garden-variety artwork, Villafane Studios also does some seriously impressive traditional sculpting. Make sure to head over to their Facebook page to see all they have to offer.


Which pumpkin is your favorite?

Source: VillafaneStudios


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