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The world would have been a much sadder place if Hugh had sliced his 'Jackman' off with Wolverine's mighty adamantium claws, but thankfully, there is a God as this totally almost happened.

The beloved Aussie actor has revealed that he almost lost his own personal 'wolverine' while he was trying to conceal his modesty on the set of [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942).

The 45-year-old star gave us all a very important lesson in why razor sharp claws aren't ideal for shielding your genitals when he told talk show host Graham Norton that:

There was a very intense first scene and I insisted on a closed set, I ran round the corner and all the female members of the crew were gathered there.
I tried to cover myself and cut my inner thigh - it was just the inner thigh thankfully! The metal claws had to go - you can't have bits and pieces flying off

From Jackman's earlier interviews about his penis (yes, there have been more than one), us fans know that this would have been a significant loss. *nudge, nudge*.

Thankfully, no Wolverines were harmed in the making of this article.


If Hugh chopped off his 'Jackman' it would be...

(Source: The Mirror)


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