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The Fault In Our Stars (Novel) by John Green was a viral all over the globe, millions and billions of tears were shed after reading the book. It was being considered as one of the best disturbed love stories of all time. It was new, like two dying teenagers falling in love was something new. People loved it. But why the movie didn't make you cry? Was it a casting failure or bad cinematography? Here are the reasons:

Bad Casting

Shailene Woodley played hazel while Ansel Elgort played Gus and William Dafoe played Peter Van Houten. The main problem was with Ansel Elgort. The Gus as seen in the book was more bold and charming while Ansel Elgort couldn't justify the character he was less bold and you can find him a bit of less interested in character all he was doing is just playing Gus. While the casting of Hazel Grace and Peter van Houten was Brilliant.

Lack of chemistry between Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort

Yes, there was no chemistry between Woodley and elgort. Some scenes in the movie were completely bogus and senseless like the scene when they visit sanctum of the Anne Frank House. There was no one interested and paying tribute to holocaust all of them were interested in watching those dying teenagers kiss.

These were the negative portions of the film, which constructed the movie less concerned.


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