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A Mexico City man has smashed extreme Harry Potter fandom into another league by amassing the largest collection of Potter related memorabilia in the world.

Asher Silva Vargas started his hunt for all things Hogwarts fifteen years ago and now owns a staggering 3,097 items from the wizarding world

The 37-year-old lawyer claims that building such a large collection was never his intention, but that he soon fell under the spell of hoarding anything and everything connected to the illustrious Potter brand.

His collection fills two rooms and is stuffed with everything from magic wands and figurines to house banners and Quidditch brooms.

When questioned about his somewhat eccentric hobby, Silva Vargas jokingly explained to curious member of the press that his obsession was a blessing and a curse. He said;

My salary, my bonuses ... it all ended up here

His dedication to his colossal collection hasn't been in vain though, Asher Silva Vargas is now the proud owner of officially the largest Potter collection on earth.

Guinness World Records made the pilgrimage to Mexico to inspect the collection, and Silva Vargas smashed the previous record holders meagre 807 items. Johanna Hessling, US Guinness World Records manager explained:

I personally examined it, and so I was able to determine that his collection was bigger than the 807 piece one we had already, so he achieved a new Guinness World Record

I think we can all agree with Harry Potter when he says:


Huge collections of memorabilia?

(Source: The Guardian and The Telegraph)


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