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Another Tuesday, another morning after Gotham the night before. Same as it ever was (since last week, at least).

But, with Fox's new pre-Batman crime drama fast becoming one of our favorite shows, we're pretty psyched that the show is shaping up to get even better - and, from the looks of this newly released trailer, is set to feature even more iconic villains in the weeks and months to come...

So, from what we can tell, we're talking:


a.k.a. the criminally insane psychologist Dr. Jonathan Crane, as memorably portrayed by Cillian Murphy in the Dark Knight series.

So expect a creepy new psychologist to appear on the scene sometime soon, then? Either that, or it's the already teased Dollmaker, with a Scarecrow-like mask on...

Professor Pyg:

A relatively new villain in Batman comics, Lazlo Valentin is a gifted scientist with a burning desire to make people 'perfect' - via identity destroying drugs.

Also, he looks like this:

So, a mysterious new drug on the streets of Gotham that's killing people all over the place, then - and a creepy masked man behind it all?

But, most excitingly of all, there's also our first look at...

Victor Zsasz:

Who, alone of the three, will definitely be making an appearance, since he totally just announced his name there.

Which is definitely a good thing, since he's a magnificently brutal serial killer - the kind who marks his own flesh to record kills - and exactly the sort of long-running nemesis Gordon could use.

Also, he eventually ends up looking like this:

Which is just super creepy...

Plus, bonus non-superhero villain!

Sal Maroni

The already teased crime boss has a long history in the DC comics, with a particular involvement in how Harvey Dent traditionally became Two-Face...

Which might - just might - mean we'll see the crusading young Dent sometime soon...

Now we just have to wait somewhere between a week and several months to see these guys actually appear (or not) in [Gotham](series:1127075). I can't stand the tension, I tells ya.


What do you guys think? Which villain are you most excited by the prospect of?



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