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So, Gotham, huh?

The show could so easily have been an un-watchable mess - and instead, it's a strange slice of dark gothic adventure, high camp, and just so...many...Easter eggs.

Which is obviously awesome.

So, we thought we should probably round up some of the show's second episode's greatest hints, teases and Easter eggs. Y'know, just because.

(Note, SPOILERS abound below for Gotham Episode 2)

First off:

The Penguin Gets Bird-Like

With an adorable waddle (and unrelated psychosis) - all of which is presumably leading to an awesomely Danny DeVito-like turn...

As they always do.
As they always do.

Bruce Continues to Become Batman

Recurring Theme #1 - Bruce Wayne vs Fear.

Catwoman Gets a Code Name

And, wouldn't you know it, it's (The) Cat - her original name way back in her first appearance, in 1940's Batman #1.

Seen here, featuring fundamental weirdness...
Seen here, featuring fundamental weirdness...

Things Get Old School (and Camp)

The villains weapons of choice? Pens. Containing a mysterious drug. They might as well say 'POW' when they administer them.

Also, this happens:

Because a guy falling into a bottomless pit is why this show is waaaay more fun than CSI.

Wait, Essen's Dirty Now?

Her Comic-Book persona would not approve...

Guess What The Riddler Does?

That's right, it's Recurring Theme #2 - The Riddler Speaks Only in Riddles.

Sal Maroni Gets a Mention

Which, seeing as he's major player in Gotham - and a comic-book competitor of the penguin - suggests we'll be seeing him before too long.


Yup. It may have been closed for 10 to 15 years, but it sure sounds like Arkham Asylum is going to be making an appearance sometime soon. Also, Alfred's reference to Bedlam? That just happens to be an iconic British insane asylum. Previsioning, anyone?

Balance is Important

As Falcone points out, the presence of him and the Waynes created a balance. Which, presumably, we're now about to watch fall apart - therefore creating a reason for people to need Batman.

The Dollmaker Cometh

Which is interesting, seeing as the villain is already appearing in the CW's Arrow...

Seen here in the comics, being creepy.
Seen here in the comics, being creepy.

Bruce May Become a Design Major

Now, there's some debate about this one here at Moviepilot. Is Bruce designing a bat cave, or envisioning a Gotham being watched over by a faceless protector? You decide...

Gordon and Bullock Get into a Groove

With Recurring theme #3 - Good Cop, Bad Cop.

Some Designs Were Clearly...Inspired By the 60s Show


Catwoman Has Claws...


...And Batman's Whole Schtick


His WHOLE shtick.
His WHOLE shtick.

But could that mean she'll train young Bruce?

Though Alfred Already Kind of Has That Covered

What with the whole choosing his own course and creeping up on people "recipe for disaster" dealio.

Plus, of course, the soon to be traditional:

Vague Potential Joker Cameo

Crazily smiling male and female villains? The Joker and Harley Quinn, anyone?


Oh, and also...

Is That a Queen Incorporated Logo?

As in, from the entirely unrelated DC series Arrow? We've got more on that right here...

Now, just to wait till next Monday for more [Gotham](series:1127075)-y goodness...


What do you guys think? Better Easter eggs than Episode 1?



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