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If you joined The Walking Dead's gang in season one and had to select one member to team up with, let's be honest, it wouldn't have been Carol, would it?

However, over the course of the show she's turned from timid, down-trodden, battered wife to bona-fide, zombie killing badass. Team her up with Daryl "Check Out My Crossbow" Dixon and you've perhaps got the most hardcore of all pairings in The Walking Dead.

A new brief - and I mean brief - promo for [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 5 shows Carol and Daryl once again paired up in the ongoing zombie apocalypse. Check it out below:

As we all know, there is certainly some kind of growing companionship between Carol and Daryl - although it's currently unclear if its romantic. With this in mind though, let's take a wander down memory lane and follow their journey to season 5.

Season 2

Things really started to kick off for Carol and Daryl in the second season of The Walking Dead. With Sophia missing, Daryl makes it his personal mission to get her back - going a little bit insane in the process.

And when he returned fruitless and injured, Carol was eager to stay by his side.

However, it wasn't a one way street. Daryl also provided constant comfort when they were unable to find Sophia, especially in the episode titled Cherokee Rose.

While he was also there for Carol when they did eventually find 'her'...

Season 3

By the time of season 3, things had heated up some more. The relative safety of the prison allowed for some mild moments of flirtation.

Although that didn't end well for Axel when he tried it...

But there was also plenty of opportunities for Daryl to once again save the day. After we thought Carol was lost in the walker attack, Daryl braves the 'Tomblands' and retrieves her:

Season 4

By season 4 things seemed to have cemented into more of a platonic companionship...

...although there still moments of flirting.

The importance of Carol to Daryl was also clear to see from his reaction to the news Carol had been banished.

However, by the time season 5 comes around, it looks like there'll be less flirtin' and a bit more fightin' from these zombie-smashing veterans.


Do you think Daryl and Carol will end up romantically together?

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