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Fans who fear that Nina Dobrev might be at the end of her tether with The Vampire Diaries now have even more reason to worry.

While we might have all been initially jumping for joy over the news that Nina will be taking a jaunt to New Orleans to make an appearance in [The Originals](series:833141), now the crossover is beginning to ring alarm bells for some fans.

After rumors emerged that Dobrev was desperate to leave Mystic Falls for good due to her budding movie career and tensions with her ex, Ian Somerhalder, International Business Time speculates that her move to the spinoff CW show might be more permanent than expected...

According to Gack Hollywood, the writers working on [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) have already had to revise Dobrev's scripts so she has less on screen time with Ian because things are so awkward between the pair. The website also claims that Nina made this request herself.

Although they don't name any sources or insiders, which always gets the alarm bells ringing, Gack Hollywood also claim that Dobrev is thinking of moving to The Originals permanently as an escape. The website ominously writes:

We’re hearing she’s thinking about becoming a regular

Personally, I think these rumors are just cruising on the high level of fan interest over Ian's new relationship and how his on set relationship with Nina is faring, but I've been wrong before...

Please don't leave us Nina! TVD just wouldn't be the same without you!


Do you think Nina Dobrev could move to The Originals on a more permanent basis?

(Source: IBT via Gack Hollywood)


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