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I'm probably one of the very few who thinks that former Twilight thesp Kristen Stewart ALWAYS looks awesome. I've said it once and i'll say it again: part of that looking awesome is exactly because she doesn't try too hard. Think of all the Taylor Swifts and the Selena Gomezes of the world who spend hours in front of the mirror every morning perfecting their foundation base, curling their hair to within an inch of its life, and matching their shoes with their handbag so perfectly that you'd think that their stylist did it for them (oh, wait...)!

Well, Stewart has previously confessed that she prefers natural beauty, saying "I just like it when people look like they’re not trying. And the only way to do that is by not trying." So, it's certainly mission accomplished for KStew this week, as she's been spotted strolling around LA International Airport without a lick of make-up, her hair having been stripped of the copper color that was once there, and not looking a cent less beautiful.

Check it:

C'mon, Rob - look at that effortlessly gorgeous face. Quit messing around with that equally lovely FKA Twigs and give the girl another go, for my sake!!


Hairbrush or no hairbrush, Kristen Stewart is a full-on HOTTIE!

(Source: The Mirror)


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