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Jess O'Kane

Attention Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fans.

The Weinstein Company have announced something pretty special today...and it means we're going to be getting more beautiful visuals:

More badass backflipping like it's nothing:

And more resting bitchface self-defence:

That's right, the production company are teaming up with Netflix to release a sequel to the classic martial arts film called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend.

The movie will be released simultaneously on Netflix and in select IMAX cinemas worldwide.

Harvey Weinstein commented:

The moviegoing experience is evolving quickly and profoundly, and Netflix is unquestionably at the forefront of that movement. We are tremendously excited to be continuing our great relationship with Netflix and bringing to fans all over the world the latest chapter in this amazing and intriguing story.

It's certainly an ambitious move - and there's no denying that Crouching Tiger is precisely the sort of movie IMAX was built for.

The sequel will see Michelle Yeoh reprise her role from the first movie as Yu Shu-Lien, along with Donnie Yen as Silent Wolf.

Master choreographer Yuen Wo-Ping is also returning to the project, meaning we'll see more of those stunning action sequences.

Principal photography is underway in New Zealand. We're pumped!

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