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Destiny is such an unusual game, primarily due to the amount of pressure we communally placed upon it to be groundbreaking, which of course it isn't. I'm in an unusual state of mind as I continue to play it, I'm unsure as to whether I'm enjoying it more or disliking it less.

Now, lately even more news has been created about the game with its upcoming expansion packs and the increasingly bizarre bugs that certain players are encountering. Are these just more demonstrations of bad design?

Destiny's Recent Bug and Subsequent Expansion Packs

A recent update appears to have removed the ability for some players to enter The Tower, due to a apparent requirements that haven't been met (what requirements??). Additionally some players can't even access the Crucible, therefore essentially crippling their ability to play Destiny. Yet with these bugs came a strange, more than likely unintentional reveal.

As some players navigated the planets from Orbit certain areas were displayed that were previously unseen. Naturally they weren't unlocked. They are entitled 'The Dark Below' and 'House of Wolves' and are clearly two expansion packs that will be released towards the end of the year.

Now, this could potentially be a method that Bungie are employing in order to tease players with additional content they cannot access yet, therefore persuading some players to hang onto their copies and wait for the expansions. Dangling something in front of you that you cannot touch is a well know effective strategy.

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The potential of Destiny was immense!
The potential of Destiny was immense!

All we can hope for from these expansions is that they may improve upon the lacking narrative and diversity that Destiny has exhibited. Though their small scaled nature doesn't offer much hope in this area. Even stranger facts are that some of the story missions and such are labelled for players from level 10 to 22. Therefore, a great deal of grinding would have to have taken place prior to even accessing the expansion packs you've purchased.

Now, this is more than likely something which Bungie wanted no one to see. Therefore this is certainly subject to change. It just seems so strange that players were kicked out of the tower and suddenly able to see content Bungie wasn't showing anyone. Just another problem with Destiny?

Final Impressions on Destiny

Look, its had a lot of trouble out the gate. I mean a game this large and a company this renowned and then receiving scores like 6/10 from Gamespot and the like is just such an unfortunate situation. Even Peter Dinklage's inclusion was so lackluster and devoid of emotion, I know he was a robot but come on!

All of this being said I have enjoyed Destiny to some extent. The combat is a lot of fun and I do enjoy the powers available to you, but without an intriguing story or lore attaching us to this beautiful landscape, what did they expect?


Did you enjoy Destiny?


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