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The Rocky series is, in my opinion, the greatest movie series of all time. Don't agree with me? No big deal, I'm pretty sure there is about a million people that would, if we start talking about the movie ratings. So, why is it that so many people love Rocky? Well, here are my 5 reasons why I think Rocky Balboa is such an inspirational, lovable character.

Reason One: His Looks

In the opening scene of the first Rocky movie, we are given what he looks like in his gear during a fight in the ring. Even with just shorts and shoes on, he looks professional. He has what seems to be a perfect upper body, which fits great in the boxer shorts, and he looks like a killer with his gloves on. Even out of the ring, it seems like he fits perfect in all of his cloths, even though they are beat up and old. I think this gives the audience an immediate first impression as far as looks go, and it seems like this guy can look good in anything. This definitely gives the audience something they are interested in relating to.

Reason two: He is a Nice Guy

Despite living in an underclass neighborhood and being surrounded by crooks and crime, Rocky never gives into it. He is an all around nice guy who may look like a thug, but is the complete opposite. He is open and interested in everyone he talks to, especially his future wife, Adrian. For example, Rocky wears a black shirt, black pants, a black leather jacket, and black shoes with black gloves. As you can tell, he's decked out in black. If someone saw him on the street and didn't know him, they would probably walk the other way. In the first Rocky when he enters the pet shop, he immediately starts to play with the animals and talks to Adrian like he's known her for years, although she is a shy girl and doesn't speak that much. Audiences can appreciate people like this. With Rocky fitting into that kind of character personification, people are able to relate to him as a likable guy.

Reason Three: His Never Quit Attitude

This is what the whole move is about. If you don't give up on your dreams, you can accomplish anything. In every "big" fight Rocky has, he always seems to get is butt whooped in the beginning. Most fighters wouldn't get up after taking the beatings that Rocky did, but Rocky always got up and finished the fight. Win or lose, Rocky finished the fight. This fills us with motivation that we can relate to in our lives. If Rocky Balboa can take a beating from Apollo Creed, come back for more, take another beating, and then win, we can certainly get a three page paper done that's due in two days.

Reason Four: Rocky Makes it Big, but Never Changes

When Rocky wins against Apollo Creed, he becomes champion. He makes more money than he could ever imagine. He is able to buy anything and everything he has ever wanted, and he does. But in doing so, his personality never changes once, only his wardrobe. He is still a fun loving guy who would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need. He even takes part in a big fight that he takes a beating in, just to end up giving the proceeds to charity. This also relates to audiences in the way of showing that even with fame and fortune, it's your choice to change into a snob, or stay the same person you were when you made it.

Reason Five: After Losing Everything, He's Still a Positive Man

When Rocky loses all of his money to a scam, he is forced to sell everything that he owned and move back to his old neighborhood with his family. Through this whole experience, he stays positive. He shows his wife and son love everyday. He even has to pick up a local job to support his family, and even with him and his family hurting for money, he still does not want his wife Adrian to go to work. He would rather break his back everyday than have Adrian work so he can take it easy. This shows that even after losing all that he worked for, he still has a never quit attitude. This is motivating and inspirational in itself.

So, in the end, through the good times and the bad, Rock Balboa is still the same loving, hardworking man with a never quit attitude that he always had. Rocky's character fits perfectly into the hero category. This is because he possesses the looks, character, and attitude that we as movie lovers expect from a hero. The only difference is that Rocky Balboa is a person just like you and me, and this goes to show us that if we live the same way as he did, anything is possible. That's what gives that special edge to Rocky and his story.


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