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For months now, we have been hearing rumors of possible black and chrome clad Stormtroopers possibly appearing in [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158), but other than that, things have been pretty tight-lipped - until now!

New images have leaked, new images featuring our first look at the rumored chrome clad Stormtroopers to be featured in the upcoming film! Take a look below...

Hooded Stormtrooper
Hooded Stormtrooper
Chrome Stormtrooper
Chrome Stormtrooper

Quite imposing, no? Nice to see a design that doesn't stray too far from the original look of the character, but that is still fresh and new in appearance. Rumor suggests these new chrome soldiers are part of a private security force for Adam Driver's character in the film.

States Indie Revolver:

"A couple sources have expressed that the chrome troopers are a private security force for Adam Driver’s character – silver mercenary rent-a-cops rather than true Imperial Forces for Adam Driver’s character. While we’ve not heard this from anyone directly, the most abundant rumor about Driver is that he’s a wealthy aristocrat with an interest in Sith artifacts."

Sith artifacts, huh? Now that is interesting!

What do you guys think of these new chrome Stormtroopers?

(Source: Indie Revolver)

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