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What is a "Movie Fortune Cookie"?

Every movie has a theme, a lesson or a message to its audience. Kinda like a fortune cookie..

Some movies reveal groundbreaking lessons whereas give a gentle reminder. Regardless of the impact, the one hour, two hours or three hours+ (if you're watching that LOTR extended Blu-Ray) that you spend living in a character's state of mind gets you thinking or feeling. Just to share what I learn from movies, here's to kicking off Movie Fortune Cookie! A lesson or two I picked up from watching the movie Chef.

Chef (2014) - Rated R - Comedy

In this lighthearted comedy, Carl Casper faces challenges in his work and family life but he strives to do what he believes in. Directed, written and starring Jon Favreau, Carl Casper leads you on a journey of him following his heart to cook his own way - no matter what anyone says. Partnered with his sous chef, Martin - starring John Leguizamo, and his son, Percy - starring Emjay Anthony, the gang embarks on a mission to spread the word and create a following by cooking great food and knowing that people will appreciate and be open to those experiences.

Can someone pause the movie so I can make a steak!
Can someone pause the movie so I can make a steak!

This movie in particular was filled scenes that will make your mouth water. You will want to make sure you have time to grab a bite to eat after... or during.

This film may make you want to call your family, this film may make you want to be a Chef, this film may also make you want to eat your entire cupboard of food. My takeaway was most of that. Ultimately, your family and friends will have your back if you're passionate about something you're doing.

Fortune Cookie Message: "Do what you believe in and you'll find success and happiness doing it."

Check out the trailer below!

What does your movie fortune cookie say? Share your message or experiences from the movie!


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