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Okay, this theory may be a little far fetched, but its still a theory. I said Strange may be involved with SHIELD is because this theory sprouted from [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973). This is how it went down: I rented CATWS (awesome acronym, right?) and was watching it like everyone else, out of popcorn and needing to use the bathroom, but then I noticed something: when Falcon, Widow, and Cap were interrogating that one SHIELD/Hydra agent, and when he was saying who stood a thread to Hydra, he mentioned Bruce Banner, and you guessed it, STEPHEN STRANGE!!!! :0

So, see? But there is still one more option: they may have just said his name because he's a future Avenger. Wait, if he hasn't become an Avenger, how is he a threat? That answer is one we are waiting for, but think about it. 7 of [The Avengers](movie:9040) to pick names from and Strange is the 2nd greatest threat to Hydra WHO ISN'T EVEN AN AVENGER YET???? This is Depp, I mean deep (You see that? That's who I think should play Strange) and may not even be real, but most theories aren't.

Just think about it. Think long and hard, think more than that 2 seconds after you finished reading, there were 3 other names to put down on the script, and the use his, OUT OF ALL OTHER 3 AVENGERS, STRANGE!!!!! There had to be a reason Anthony Russo and Joe Russo put his name. But hey, its just a theory. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below and what yous guys think.


Will Dr. Strange be associated with the new SHIELD?


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