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Get it? "Blockbuster"? I mean you put the blocks in a line and - yeah, okay.

Reports today confirm that Threshold Entertainment, the company that brought us past video game films including Mortal Kombat (1995) and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997), will be working on sci-fi adaptation of the classic game brought to us by the Tetris Company.

As told to the Wall Street Journal, Threshold CEO Larry Kasanoff reports:

“It’s a very big, epic sci-fi movie. This isn’t a movie with a bunch of lines running around the page. We’re not giving feet to the geometric shapes.”

Well, of course this isn't going to be a movie with a bunch of lines running around - you're not giving feet to the shapes! How would they walk around without feet? (cue laughtrack)

It will certainly be interesting to see Tetris alongside bigger titles in theaters. Can Tetris rise to success to compete with films like Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy?

If you can't BEAT Frozen, why not BECOME Frozen?
If you can't BEAT Frozen, why not BECOME Frozen?

While it's not certain what could come of a movie based on Tetris in an era of blockbuster films with gratuitous action, romance and explosions, I'd have to be lying if I said I was not even the slightest bit interested in seeing those colorful shapes on the big screen.

I can picture the movie synopsis now:

Line-shaped block is a bright-eyed young block growing up in a universe where all their actions are controlled by 'Players,' omnipotent-like beings that determine their fate. Despite being told to accept life for what it is, he journeys out to find a way to gain autonomy from the 'Players' by enlisting help from his friends, L-shaped block, backwards L-shaped block and his romantic interest, the block that resembles the Olympic podium on which they receive awards.

Tetris is not alone in raising eyebrows worldwide - here are a few more games that you might not be aware of that are currently in planning for movies adaptations:

Angry Birds comes CRASHING into theaters in 2016.
Angry Birds comes CRASHING into theaters in 2016.

The Angry Birds movie is slated to come out July 2016 and is under the direction of Sony Pictures and Rovio Entertainment.

Disgruntled birds being thrown out of a slingshot towards seemingly indifferent discolored pigs resulting in numerous explosions, collateral damage and a possible helicopter falling out of the sky? Sounds like Michael Bay should jump on this project!

Why does he only wear one glove?
Why does he only wear one glove?

Back in 2013, Warner Bros. and Imangi Studios entered negotiations to bring Temple Run to the big screens.

Wait a minute - isn't Temple Run already based on Indiana Jones? Indiana Jones sequel confirmed.

console.log("This is Sparta!");
console.log("This is Sparta!");

Leaked earlier this year via Twitter, Mojang and Warner Bros. are collaborating to bring Minecraft to the big screen. Warner Bros. has already delivered quite successfully on The Lego Movie, which leaves me no concerns as to whether or not Minecraft can be successful.

As long as they recognize that Minecraft is a smaller, more niche audience than the world-wide Lego phenomenon, I believe the end result will be quite entertaining. Just please, no Creeper jump scares.


Who do you think is going to be the main antagonist for the Tetris movie?


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