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For the most part, people are happy with Gotham and so am I but I've noticed that a few people are confused about young Bruce Wayne in this show, so I thought I would explain what I am certain they are doing.

This is how Batman is supposed to begin.

Some say that it makes no sense that Bruce Wayne is already beginning his training by testing his fear when it's actually the opposite. People should remember that this kid you see in the show? Completely different person than before his parents were murdered. The incident impacted him so much that the Bruce Wayne from before is just a persona that he'll put on to seem normal. Yes, even as a kid. It's not just him mourning, there is no mourning process for him, he died with his parents in that alley.

His Skills Will Make More Sense

Let's take a look at the Caped Crusader's skills for a moment shall we? This man knows how the entire criminal world works, is a mastered detective who can put clues together in his mind and solve a case in less than a minute, is also a warrior who mastered every single martial art on the planet, is the best tactician on the planet, he is a genius that can rival that of Lex Luthor to the point that he can create his own armored vehicle and array of gadgets (something that Nolan seemed to have forgotten in his movies), he is an experienced chemist, a master of disguise, world's greatest escape artist, a psychology major, has better stealth that a ninja, and much more. Now just from those, you expect me to believe that he mastered all these skills in seven years?

No sorry, can't believe it even by DC Comics standards.

To me this is how Bruce's life is going to go in the [Gotham](series:1127075) series.

  • 1. Bruce's parents die in Crime Alley. A new persona takes over.
  • 2. Spends the next couple years in Gotham.
  • 3. At age 14-15, Bruce leaves Gotham to train in all his skills for about 10-15 years of his life.
  • 4. The Batman comes to Gotham at around age 21-25.

Disagree? That's fine, I'd like to hear your opinion about this whole thing.


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