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In an Ask Ausiello spoiler chat, a question was asked about a possible new friendship between Felicity and new Team Arrow addition Laurel.

Question: Will Laurel and Felicity become friends in the new season of Arrow? —Meg

Ausiello: Not only will Felicity and now-in-the-know Laurel be friendly this season, but our favorite geek girl will also get on great with fleeting beau Barry Allen’s No. 1 Central City gal, during the Arrow/The Flash crossover (in Episodes 8). “[Iris West] does have an opinion on Felicity, and it’s all good. She’s a fan of Felicity,” The Flash’s Candice Patton tells us. “I think viewers will be very excited to see Barry stuck between these two women. It’s so good.”

(Source: TVLine)

Not long now! :D Are we excited to Arrow and The Flash?!?


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