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We all know the urban legend that surrounds the Poltergeist film series; it's one of the most repeated amongst film fans. But I never knew the truth behind the story until I watched this video. And I'm in shock.

Let me refresh your memory about the creepy curse that dogged Poltergeist and its cast. In total, FIVE cast members died in unexpected circumstances in the years following the film's production.

It started with the brutal murder of actress Dominique Dunne - who played Dana Freeling in the first movie - by her boyfriend in 1982.

Then came the tragic death of child star Heather O'Rourke, who played Dana's younger sister Carol Anne, at age 12. O'Rourke died from cardiac arrest following a misdiagnosed case of stenosis.

More deaths followed, including the director of the second Poltergeist film Brian Gibson at the age of 59. Then, 10 years after he starred in the first film, actor Richard Lawson survived a plane crash in which 27 people died.

There's no doubt that the cast of Poltergeist seem particularly plagued by disease and misfortune. But I had always put it down to coincidence. Until now.

This video throws everything into new light - by revealing the deadly error Steven Spielberg made during production of the first movie. A mistake that would cost those involved in the project their lives.

Check it out below:

Myth? Legend? True story? Whatever you think about the curse, you can't deny that it's incredibly creepy.


Do you believe in the curse?


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