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Jess O'Kane

Is nothing safe on The Walking Dead? AMC have announced that the iconic snot green Hyundai will no longer feature in the upcoming fifth season of the show.

The change was made due to plot developments, since Rick and his gang are now to travel on foot. A representative from Hyundai was philosophical:

While we had a great run with The Walking Dead, the plot of the show changed and moved in such a way that the car ceased to have a role.

It must be a tough parting for both Hyundai and AMC, who've featured the portly vehicle since the show's first season.

Fear not, however, for the car company's ads will still be shown during every single commercial break in season five. That oddly pristine looking car will still live on in our hearts and in our toilet breaks.

R.I.P Rick's Hyundai. It's been one hell of a ride.

(Source: Comic Book)


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