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Although The Walking Dead television series regularly deviates from the original Robert Kirkman comic-book series, it does seem to have an affinity for sticking to the villains which do appear in the inky origins.

For example, [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 3 introduced The Governor, while Kirkman has also expressed his interest in adding the infamous Negan to the popular television show. Indeed, it seems the desire to introduce Negan has moved beyond the initial stages, as [The Strain](series:936019) actor, Kevin Durand recently revealed he had discussed the role with The Walking Dead producers.

According to Nuke The Fridge, Durant mentioned the role while taking part in a press conference call regarding The Strain. He stated:

I’ve had a lot of people with The Walking Dead talk to me, mentioned that they see me for a character named ‘Negan,’ but I haven’t read the comic.

For those you who do not know, Negan is perhaps one of the most ruthless villains to be introduced into The Walking Dead world. His arrival in the infamous issue 100 of the comic-books coincides with some rather dark times for the group, although it is of course unclear if the television series will strictly follow the same story.

I'm sure the choice of Durand will not be too surprising for fans of the comics. Negan is known as a well-built man who has a penchant for swearing and wields a barbed-wire covered baseball affectionately known as Lucille. Considering Durand has made a career from playing big-ass bad guys, including in Lost and Wolverine: Origins, his potential casting does make sense. Most recently, he's also proved himself a capable undead slayer in Guillermo del Toro's vampire series, The Strain.

Take a look at the following clips and images to help you decide if he can pull of Negan.

He's certainly got the whole villainous-ruthless-executioner thing figured out with his portrayal of Martin Keamy in Lost.

While this recent experience in The Strain has also proved he's adept with a blunt instrument.

He also knows how to maintain a bad-ass pose while firing a gun.

Everything you need, right?


Would Kevin Durand play a good Negan?

Source: Nuke The Fridge


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