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Poor Ben Affleck is having a rough week. After being told he can't take the batsuit home, his kids have also revealed that they are totally devoid of taste and reason.

Yep, that's right, like every child the world over who's parents were stupid enough to expose them to it, all of Affleck's kids are full blown obsessed with Disney's [Frozen](movie:411685).

I'm sorry, Batman
I'm sorry, Batman

After confessing how his daughters don't care about his role as the caped crusader on Live with Kelly and Michael, Affeck discussed the burning issue further on The Tonight Show.

Apparently his 2-year-old son has also caught the Frozen bug and he absolutely refuses to Let it Go (sorry).

You'll be singing it all day now!
You'll be singing it all day now!

To add insult to injury, Affleck's son also tries to force his dad to belt out his favorite tunes in the way that Jimmy Fallon did on his show a few months ago. The gall of it all!

Hear the terrible news from the Batfleck's mouth in the video below:

Don't worry, Ben. Kids love doing heinous things like wearing Crocs and eating pasta with no sauce, it's an understandable to say that these little heathens take time to develop taste.

They'll totally be kicking themselves when they're teenagers and word gets out about this faux pas!


What do your kids/siblings care about more?

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