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You know what they do to guys like us in prison? Serve us delicious Chinese food.

Would you like a bit of Spring Roll in the slammer? Well, today is your lucky day. A new prison-themed restaurant has just opened in China, called The Prison of Fire, and it's had tons of customers queuing to experience life as an in-mate... Voluntarily!

Among the prison-themed features are private cells for guests to dine in, with meals served through a small hatch, with a cage for musicians and other entertainers to perform in. Guests can also explore the dark and foreboding setting of bars and chains - and water torture devices - while they enjoy their meals.

Unfortunately for fans of The Walking Dead's Season 3, there's no guarantee that you'll learn how to fight a zombie, or get to see Hershel's amputated leg lying in a pool of blood, or the handcuffed prisoner walker who forced his own hand off to free himself from the cuffs... Still, a prison's a prison. And as a fan of the AMC bloodbath, I simply have to put this restaurant on my bucket list.

Check this out:

If the food is of higher quality than your standard prison grub, and if the sentence only lasted as long as I wanted it to, then I'm sold. Officer? Arrest me now!


Would you want to dine at The Prison of Fire?

(Source: Distractify)


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