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Update: The new Twilight movies have released! You can find out more about them here:

Finally, FINALLY, the Twilight God has answered my all of my prayers...

Did you think that the Twilight Saga was totally over and done with? Me too, because I never forgot the day when architect of the Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle, Stephenie Meyer, confirmed that she won't be revisiting that tale any time — ever.

But, today, Lionsgate has announced that they're teaming up with Facebook, the Women In Film organization (which encourages emerging female talent in the entertainment industry), and crowdsourcing platform, Tonal, as well as Meyer herself, to put the Twilight series back in front of cameras!

[Credit: Summit Entertainment]
[Credit: Summit Entertainment]

Yep! Five short movies will be made and posted to Facebook, where us fans will select a grand prize-winning filmmaker who will get a whopping cash prize and — I'm assuming — some great career opportunities. (Perhaps we can bribe them with our votes, if they decide on another Twilight feature length...)

The movies, which will feature characters from the Twilight universe - will be produced and directed with the help of a panel of mentors. This panel is said to include:

Bella herself, Kristen Stewart; The Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer; Kate Winslet; Octavia Spencer; Julie Bowen; Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke; producer Cathy Schulman; and Frozen co-director Jennifer Lee. However, none of the films will star the original cast.

If you're wondering why they have to resurrect Twilight to encourage emerging female talent in the entertainment industry, then just think about how much of a push the books offered in getting women to read. Meyer's novels made reading popular again, for both older women and teenage girls.

Not that you lot need much convincing, anyway. Right?

But, what is it you'd like to see from the five upcoming Twilight movies? Apart from Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart resuming their roles - which may or may not happen (it's too early to tell) - here are three other things I want the series to do:

Give Characters Other Than Bella And Edward The Screen Time They Deserve

[Credit: Summit Entertainment]
[Credit: Summit Entertainment]

Back in 2012, Meyer revealed that she had planned out "a couple more books" and, speaking at the premiere of Breaking Dawn - Part 2, said that "there are other characters who I think would have a lot of voice in those coming stories."

I'd relish the opportunity to see a spun-out Jacob and Renesmee love story as part of a new Twilight flick. Breaking Dawn - Part 2 doesn't really explore their relationship too deeply, but it certainly paves the way for possibilities...

A Kristen Stewart Cameo

[Credit: Summit Entertainment]
[Credit: Summit Entertainment]

Given RPattz has famously declared that he hates the Twilight franchise with a burning passion, and that he's too old for any more Twilight given that he's "not 17 anymore," I have a sneaking suspicion that he's out of the picture for these five movies.

Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, revealed in 2012 that she is still "open to the idea" of more Bella, and said that she'd be curious to see if Meyer had more story to tell. Whether or not KStew's words still stand, given her huge Hollywood success, is another story. But, given that Kristen is on the board of mentors, I have a good feeling...

Rehashing The Originals?

[Credit: Summit Entertainment]
[Credit: Summit Entertainment]

A few months before Breaking Dawn ended the movie series which we know and love, remake rumors surfaced, revealing that another Twilight movie was already in the works and that it was most likely a remake of the original flick. Summit responded saying that they are not remaking Twilight, but that they would support Meyer if she ever intended to do so.

Okay, so not much has been heard about said rumored remake since then, but given that the short films will be judged by us - the fans - and bearing in mind that everybody loves the original Twilight, it's not such a crazy idea to think that the same characters and storylines could play out in these short films...


What do you want to see from the five new Twilight films?

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[Poll Image Credit: Summit Entertainment]


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