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Falling out of buildings, third degree burns, human cannonballs, and getting down to 7% body fat is all in a day's work for some stunt doubles...

After reading the awesome Evan Lee piece, "Silent Badasses of Film," about Captain America: The Winter Soldier's heroic stunt doubles, I was inspired by how these guys put themselves in dangerous situations - often daily - and don't even care when their famous counterpart takes the big-screen credit!

So, as tribute to these silent badasses, I've rustled up some of the most convincing stunt doubles from our favorite TV and movie stars and put them into one mind-bending list. You won't believe your eyes...


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and his Pain and Gain doppelganger

Double the muscles! This guy really must be The Rock's...rock.


Kate Winslet's Titanic twin

Things could've gotten pretty awkward in the back of that steamy car...


Tom Hiddleston and his army of Lokis

Nothing beats the Machiavellian God of Mischief. Except for, maybe, three Machiavellian Gods of Mischief.


Kate Beckinsale and her second self, Lori

... Is my brain on vacation right now, or is that just a really convincing Total Recall stunt double?


Robert Pattinson and his other Edward

Two heartthrobs for the price of one? SOLD to the lady pushing Bella out of the window!


Jennifer Lopez and her male "Follow The Leader" double are indistinguishable...

I wonder if his booty is also insured for $27 million...


Rupert Grint with Ron Number Two

Just like looking at Fred and George, no?


Megan Fox and her TMNT twin

Twice as many Megans = twice as much drool!


Surely Shia LaBeouf doesn't need someone to do his stunts!?

I wonder if this stunt double dude Transformed into a teensy bit of a douchebag...


Johnny Depp and his first cap'n

That's a LOT of accessories, right there.



Most convincing looking stunt double?

(Source: TwistedSifter, Dorkly)


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