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Good news, action/comedy culture clash buddy cop movie fans! Rush Hour 4 may still be stuck in development hell, but guess what just got the greenlight? A Rush Hour TV series, that's what.

The movie series' director Brett Ratner has reportedly closed a deal with Warner Brothers TV to bring the anarchic film franchise to the small screen - and he's bringing in a modern day TV comedy legend to produce the new show.

The lucky showrunner? Scrubs, Spin City and Cougar Town's Bill Lawrence, who'll write the pilot alongside writer/producer Blake McCormick. There's no word yet on whether the show will retain its L.A. setting, or whether any of the original cast will return (although you'd have to think a cameo or two is likely). The plot, though, will apparently mirror that of the original films, with a by-the-book Hong Kong police officer teaming up with a reluctant, freewheeling American cop - and action-packed comedy antics ensuing.

With Lawrence on board, it's safe to assume that the comedy side of the scenario is in good hands - the only question now being whether or not they'll get the action right. Which, lets be honest, is just as important a part of the films as the laugh-a-minute comedic ramblings and buddy-cop back and forth.

Either way, though, it's good to know that we'll be getting another dose of Rush Hour action, even if it's not the big screen [Rush Hour 4](movie:504470) many were hoping for.


What do you guys think? Looking forward to a Rush Hour TV series?

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