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As the titular character in John Wick, Keanu Reeves is a former hit-man who just wants a quiet life. But when the bratty son of the Russian Mob rides off with his car and kills his dog, things turn a dark corner...

Directed by former stuntmen David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, what we've seen of the movie looks to be a perfect vehicle for Reeves, as he glides into the next phase of his career. Basically, he doesn't have to act all that much, but he does have to look cool wearing a suit while shooting people at close range with automatic weapons.

Check out the latest trailer for yourself, and see what you think:

I liked it. A lot.

And here are the three main reasons I'm looking forward to seeing more from John Wick...

Keanu firing at things with semi-automatics

What more needs to be said, here? Other than, perhaps, a little reminder of THAT scene from The Matrix, involving a lot of bullets and one determined looking Keanu Reeves...


Alfie Allen

Any Game of Thrones takers will have already heard about Alfie Allen, Lily Allen's brother. Although his GoT character, Theon Greyjoy, is not the most likeable when Ramsay savagely chopped off his junk and taunted him by emphatically eating a sausage, well, I wanted Alfie AND his character Theon to do well. And now he's got a chance to be mad. Real mad. While attempting to kick some Keanu butt. What's not to like?


Hammy, sexual tension akin to the Bond movies

There are two things that people love about hammy action adventurers in the James Bond series: one is the sheer numbers of people who get shot, poisoned, eaten by sharks or sliced up by a circular saw. The other is Bond's awesome sex life. Movies like John Wick (I anticipate) wouldn't be half as desirable without a thick layer of sexual tension in the air, executed with a thick layer of one-liner cheese.


Will you be watching Keanu look cool while shooting at people close range in John Wick?


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