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With Microsoft's Halo 5: Guardians pushed back to late 2015, it leaves us with a very long period of speculation regarding how 343 Industries are going to continue the franchise's narrative.

However, we don't have to wait as long to experience a part of the game. With the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection players will receive an exclusive pass to Halo 5's multiplayer beta in December this year. An intriguing tactic that will surely have many of us re-buying these classic games.

As we know 343 Industries did a remarkable job with Halo 4. They were brave enough to introduce a new race of enemies and no where near afraid to break our hearts with the loss of Cortana. But what could they have in store for us in the next chapter now that we know how well they can deliver?

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Halo 5's Main Villain: Ur-Didact?!

Could it in fact be Ur-Didact? Yes, we know we strapped a bomb to him which plunged him into warp-hole at the end, but according to the Halo comics he survives! The Halo: Escalation story is still progressing thus his presence cannot be entirely counted upon for Halo 5, though it certainly seems possible.

On our own after Cortana.

What will we do without her in Halo 5?
What will we do without her in Halo 5?

Emotional power seems to be something that 343 can do well! Therefore, the exploration into how John-117 deals with her passing will be a fascinating character study. Cortana also asked John to figure out which one of them was the machine, thus an exploration into whether Master Chief is more man than machine can surely be counted on.

Who's side is Catherine Halsey on?

As one of the primal scientists on the SPARTAN program, Halsey is a vital character in the Halo universe. Her debut was made in the wonderful Spartan ops addition to Halo 4 (was I the only one who lived for Halo 4 those few weeks that they were episodically released?) and as we currently stand we are unsure as to where her loyalties lie. She states to Jul 'Mdama that she will aid him in the fight against the UNSC with the Janus key and assist the New Covenant in their mission for revenge. I'm sure that she will enter the main campaign at one point or another in Halo 5.

Outbreak of the Flood?

In issue #6 of the Halo: Escalation comic series, a lone infectious Flood is revealed on the UNSC ship, Spirit of Fire, which is on a crash course toward an unknown planet. A return of the seemingly impossible to kill enemy, culminating with the above speculations would make Halo 5 a rather incredible experience! Especially in the hands of 343 Industries who made the weapons in Halo sound better than ever.

What are your thoughts on the plot details of Halo 5 Guardians? [Halo](movie:559680) 5 will be released for Xbox One in 2015.


Do you think 343 will continue to do the Halo franchise justice?


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