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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Ever wondered what the Harry Potter characters will look like when they're as old as Dumbledore?

It turns out you can do some pretty cool things with Muggle computer technology - check out these aged up versions of Harry Potter characters...

The Old Man Who Lived

Hmmm, I'm not sure that old Harry would choose to rock an Uncle Vernon 'tache, but it's good to see he kept that distinguished jawline.

Hermione at McGonagall's age

'Now, Hugh, your grandparents are dentists. Dentists, they're like Muggle teeth-wizards...'

Super-old Ron

I like the way his face has aged super harshly but he's kept the flaming red hair - that's gotta be magic, right?

Super Sexy Silver Fox Draco

You KNEW that Draco would grow to be an old-movie star kind of handsome...I mean, Lucius was quite the DILF...

Luna a.k.a. the best crazy old aunt you could wish for

Old Luna: 'Nargles! It...was...the NARGLES!'

You: 'Mom, Granny's saying it again!'

George Weasley (sadly, no Fred...)

I'm sure you'll get a few Wizard Wheezes out of this old fella...

Old-timer Neville

Aw, he looks like a nice guy. 2014 Brad Pitt called, Nev, he wants his beard back...

I really enjoyed seeing what the gang will look like in the future - it certainly provides fodder for some interesting fanfic...what do you guys think?


What did you think of these aged up Harry Potter characters?


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