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I've noticed everyone seems to be talking about the season trailer for Gotham seriously, it's been reposted several times now I think, and how it features Scarecrow and all that. Which, by the way, I'm fairly sure it does not, as I expressed in my article earlier...but next weeks trailer seems to be being paid a lot of attention!

What do we see in a nutshell? A look at a vigilante killing crooked cops. People have wanted a vigilante to show up, because the bad ones certainly led to Batman showing up and also further has us question our morals. How does he kill the cops? Oh, yeah, by attaching them to a weather balloon and letting them drop. Kooky comic fun! Glad to see we're leaving ultra-realism this week. Other than that? Some more looks into Montoya and Barbard, Montoya and Allen of the MCU confronting Fish Mooney regarding the death of the Waynes, Copplepot's return to Gotham, some doubt from Bruce and reassurance from Alfred, Gordon's early view on vigilantes and the danger they pose...and, most interestingly perhaps, the one featured above in the pig mask.

Is he in the vigilante? It would seem so, but he also looks suspiciously like Batman villain Professor Pyg above- if this is the case, he seems to have different motives from the version in the comics, and perhaps the mask will pass on to someone else. Perhaps making him a vigilante is the show's way of having him deal with "imperfect, bad men." We'll have to wait and see. Enjoy!


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