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Eurogamer 8/10, Game Informer 8.25/10, GamesRadar 4.5/5, Gamespot 8/10, GameTrailers 8.7/10, IGN 9.3/10 and the list goes on and some of the scores get even higher! I for one am just so delighted due to the fact that one of the games that I was genuinely looking forward to getting for the PS4 is receiving universal acclaim.

The Lord of the Rings franchise has spawned countless games since Peter Jackson's films brought the universe to the forefront of popular culture. Naturally, the world has become stale in some ways due to countless re-hashings of old material in unimaginative manners. However, it seems that the teams at Monolith Productions and Warner Brothers have created and marketed a tremendous addition worthy of the franchise.

How Shadow of Mordor builds upon other games!

Gamespot compared it to [Assassin's Creed](movie:437814), while IGN compared it to Batman and while I agree more with the former, both companies agree that the game took these models and made them their own.

The combat system was the main area that drew comparisons with other franchises, however Shadow of Mordor tweaked these methods. Surrounded by tens of enemies in Assassins Creed never feels too much to handle as long as you counter effectively. Similar situation with Batman. But here in Middle Earth this quick countering system seems more fluid, a great deal tougher and far more vicious.

Can't wait to let Talion unleash his powers!
Can't wait to let Talion unleash his powers!

Additionally the game has created a fascinating formula from succeeding and failing in these fights. If you die, the orc that defeated you may become stronger or even increase in rank due to his success. This means that you will encounter him at a later stage as your missions involve the takedowns of high ranking enemies. Amazingly he also recalls your earlier fight and taunts you for having lost it. Awesome.

Then of course if you win you can elect to kill the captain orc or have him rebel against his faction, thus taking down the leader and replacing his position while remaining loyal to you.

A few faces from The Lord of the Rings!

The game also features Gollum and a number of other famous characters that I won't spoil for you here! It also has a host of its own new ones that Talion must brutally slay his way through to answers. The lore is extensive and its set in an interesting time in Middle Earth's history, just before Sauron's return to Mordor.

I am beyond excited to take Talion's bow, dagger and sword to the battlefield, roam around this beautiful and quite unfamiliar Mordor as I decapitate anyone in sight. Beautiful.

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Shadow of Mordor is out now on PS4, Xbox One and Pc in America with only 2 days left for Europe! A PS3 and Xbox 360 version follows on November 21st. Will you be getting it?


With all these great reviews will you be passing up on Shadow of Mordor?


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