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American Horror Story has already brought us Ghosts, Serial Killers and Witches across its 3 Seasons, and now Season 4 is almost upon us - having just released its first trailer.

The theme this time is Freaks, who live out their lives in a traveling circus, displaying themselves for the "norms." Whether the circus is a safe place for them, we will have to wait and see. As the Bearded Lady (played by the returning Kathy Bates) puts it, "this place is as good as it gets for freaks like us."

American Horror Story Season 4: Who Should We Be Afraid Of?

The trailer shows Sarah Paulson - a two headed lady, each head with its own personality - entering the circus. One head seems to like the idea of a future on the road with a traveling freakshow, while the other believes it will be a living hell:

Take a look at the [American Horror Story](series:206668) Season 4 trailer here:

Though the trailer is only a minute long, we meet quite a few different characters in it - so which of these circus performers do we think is a friend, and which of the "human oddities" has murderous intentions?

The Bearded Lady

Does the Bearded Lady pose a threat?
Does the Bearded Lady pose a threat?

First seen smoking on the stairs at 0:18, the bearded lady might seem a little unwelcoming at first, though her talk to Bette & Dot (the names of the two headed lady's two heads) was friendly enough. The question, though, has to be whether she knows about the more sinister happenings within the community of freaks! Threat level: 1/5

The World's Smallest Woman

The World's Smallest Woman in AHS!
The World's Smallest Woman in AHS!

You'll never guess who the makers of America Horror Story cast for the role of the World's Smallest Woman, that's right, they chose.... Jyoti Amge, the *real* World's Smallest Woman!

21 year-old Jyoti Amge may be tiny, but does she pose a threat? Well, she is in a cage at one point, but, all things considered, probably not. Threat level: 1/5

The Norms

They drive around in cars on sunny days, shouting at passers by and hassling those they consider to be different from themselves. These guys aren't just norms, they're d*ckheads, too.

American Horror Story: Norms hate freaks!
American Horror Story: Norms hate freaks!

Could there be no threat whatsoever from within the circus community, and the only real danger comes from "normal" society? It's possible. Threat level: 4/5

Toothy Clown Standing at Bedside

He looks like a nice, normal guy, doesn't he? I know some people are afraid of clowns, and admittedly, sneaking into your room and watching you sleep isn't 100% cool, but I don't think we can expect any trouble from this guy. He's probably just misunderstood.

This guy doesn't look so bad, right?
This guy doesn't look so bad, right?

What's that? He has a hammer? He's is grinning like a mad man while smashing you to death? Oh, dear. My mistake. Threat level: 5/5


Who do you think poses the biggest threat in American Horror Story Season 4?


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