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Japan, luckily, have been enjoying Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS since September 13th, while we're still forced to wait for another two days. But the chaos is nigh. The Wii U version is to be released in the fourth quarter of 2014 so everyone still awaits this release, but for those with a 3DS the fun starts early!

Let's just take a moment to look at a HUGE bug in Super Smash Bros.!

The 3DS version has a wonderful bug at the moment!
The 3DS version has a wonderful bug at the moment!

This bug causes characters to vastly inflate in size, sometimes so astronomically that you can't see all of them anymore. The inflation occurs when playing as Yoshi (my personal favorite) after performing his trademark egg attack, where he ejects a player out his rear end after eating them (what an insane thing to have to type).

The player that is eaten comes out the other side inside an egg, but after the egg breaks and they emerge their size has greatly increased. This actually continues to happen the more the player is consumed until they eventually can't be fully seen on the screen! Hopefully a fix is in the works...though I would like to experience this first hand. Not the being consumed part you know...playing it happening...ehh...anyway.

Extreme button mashing for Smash Bros.!!

My personal favorite Smash Bros. technique!
My personal favorite Smash Bros. technique!

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Most fighting games when initially played involve a series of thumb smacks and trigger pulls to the extent where an amazing move is performed and the person who owns the game asks: "How did you do that??" To which we always reply: "I have no idea."

I remember my sister used to put the controller on the table in front of her because she could access more buttons this way during Tekken. Unfortunately, it worked quite well for her. Now I'm sure some of you are experts when it comes to fighting games and this has never happened, myself on the other hand...

Super Smash Bros. for me was the only Nintendo game I never liked playing on my own, because I never laughed like I did when friends were in the room. It's one of the very best games to play in a group, regardless of age. As the room becomes polluted with swearing and shouting and general 'WTF-ness' (yes, I said it!) the level of enjoyment continues to multiply. Personally I'm looking forward to the Wii U version far more and creating a Super Smash Bros. evening of general mayhem!

Are you guys masters of Super Smash Bros. and know all the moves? Let me know in the comments if you're looking forward to Nintendo's latest release for 3DS and Wii U!


Are you a master of Smash Bros.?


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