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Not only does October 1st mark the first day of Halloween (what do you mean no one else celebrates Halloween all month long?) it's also the Day of Dredd, where fans of the Judge Dredd character and franchise come together to celebrate one tough, but fair(!) judge. Since the release of 2012's [Dredd](movie:39136), fans have been passionately rallying for a sequel. Day of Dredd is another part of this campaign - but what exactly does the Day of Dredd entail, and how can you participate?

Sign the Petition


Supported by Karl Urban himself, the Dredd 2 petition has been going strong since the first movie's release. You can check it out here (there's tons of great info on the campaign) and follow their facebook page to keep up to date on what's happening!

Throw a Viewing Party

party animals.
party animals.

Whether you've got a copy on DVD or want to stream the movie, invite your friends over and throw a Dredd party! It's not extremely hard to throw a fandom party: a few great ideas would be holding a costume contest (best helmet wins!), decorating plan white party cups with drawings of the characters, and of course, filling bowls with Umpty Candy. For some inspiration on how to throw a fandom party, click here! (The video doesn't focus on a Dredd-themed party, but it has great ideas that you can apply to Dredd!)

Buy a Copy for your Friends

Because gifts are awesome, and so are you.
Because gifts are awesome, and so are you.

Without sounding too hokey, I want to encourage everyone to get their friends' eyes on the film. Dredd fans took action last year by grabbing copies of the film for their friends and family. Thanks to their actions, Amazon sales for the DVD went through the roof in 2013, landing on the top of their sales charts for the first of the month. Holy crap! That is fandom.

Not enough Dredd? Here's a video from Olivia Thirlby for you!

Make sure to follow the OFFICIAL, Make a Dredd Sequel Facebook page!

How will you be participating in Dredd Day? Let me know below in the comments!


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