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For only being the second episode that was one hell of a cliffhanger. I’m hoping they aren’t going to rush what appears to be one of the show’s driving story-lines, but I also want to see them push what should be the main storyline of the show. This episode was a very good one though, better than last week and a good indication that this show is moving in the right direction. It had a great sub plot even though it did kind of have the villain of the week feel, it included moving the season story-lines along without making them feel forced in. They even had great ways of using some of the characters in this episode so they felt needed in the plot.

This episode starts off with Bruce testing himself with a candle. It was interesting to see that he is already testing his pain limits but if he keeps like this he’ll have lots of scar tissue before he dons the cowl. We then get to witness Alfred catching him and when he sees his hand scolds him and then hugs him. It bothers me that they really don’t seem to have a grasp of Alfred, he seems way too rough and cold-hearted with Bruce. I don’t know if it’s because they are trying show that he’s figuring out how to now be a parent to Bruce while still being an employee but it is a very different Alfred then we have ever seen. Alfred has always a firm way of speaking to Bruce and conveying what he thinks he is doing wrong but it was always in a way that you could tell that he did it with love, in this episode he calls him a very stupid boy in a very uncaring manner and then hugs him as if he felt bad, not for calling him that but for losing his temper.

Next we see Selina looking at a locket while hanging out with a few of the other homeless youths when a van pulls up and an elderly couple gets out saying they are with the Mayors out reach program and that they have food for them. As the kids as surrounding them to get food the woman sneaks behind them and pulls out a pin and starts to stick each one to make them pass out. I like how they showed that Selina’s instincts are pretty accurate in situations, not just with backing into the shadows when this couple shows up but later in the episode with a few other people. One of the kids gets away and starts to run and when they catch up to him they through him through a restaurant window.

I liked how they used key moments in this episode to build the characters they introduced in the pilot, nothing had the feel of being thrown in for a cheap pop and it all had meaning to it. Even Eddie felt natural, he wasn’t just trying to throw out as many riddles as he could but you could tell when he appeared that he was elated that he knew something they didn’t. They did put a big emphasis on Gordon being “with the program” so they are trying to hard to let everyone know that there will be a backlash when it’s found out what really happened. Even Cobblepot’s part in the episode was done great, it showed how he was doing after the events of last episode while not making it a main focus of the show.

This episode really showed me they do have a direction for the show, the pilot had too many characters and references shoved into it for my taste but they wanted to make sure they brought everyone back for more. This week they built a really good story of it’s own while still building on the key plots of the season.


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