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Ever since Batman vs Superman was announced, we have been hearing plot rumors. What is a little unusual, though, is that early signs seem to be proving many of them to be correct!

The latest rumor turned apparent fact was that Batman vs Superman would see a Metropolis turned against Superman, blaming him rather than thanking him for his battle with General Zod in [Man of Steel](movie:15593).

As these leaked set photos show, there are protestors in the streets holding up signs that read "SuperDEATH" and "When INVASION become REALITY, REVOLT becomes DUTY!" Some even show the figure of superman's crest, with a swastika scrawled inside - take a look at the leaked pictures here:

The public protest Superman!!
The public protest Superman!!

What this means is, with the other leaks coming out of Batman vs Superman being proved right, are there others we should be paying more attention to?

What is Going On at LexCorp!?

According to rumors, Amy Adams' Lois Lane begins this movie trying to deal with life in the public eye. Her relationship with Superman is common knowledge, and she is trying to prove that the anger the public feel is misplaced - it is Lex Luthor's LexCorp they should be angry with, not Superman.

Just what is going on at LexCorp, though, is harder to say. But there is definitely something strange going on.

One rumored LexCorp employee, to whom there is certainly more than meets the eye, is Diana Prince - better known as [Wonder Woman](movie:45787).

Is Gal Gadot working for LexCorp?
Is Gal Gadot working for LexCorp?

The main story going around is that Lex Luthor, after the events of Man of Steel, got his hands on the World Engine and the corpse of General Zod, and that he had been using them to try and create a force that can rival Superman's.

Wonder Woman would naturally be interested in this, and there is every chance that she has taken a position within LexCorp in order to be able to keep an eye on the goings on there.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Gal Gadot to Replace Arrow?

One of the main source materials for Batman vs Superman is Franks Miller's iconic comic book, The Dark Knight Returns, in which Batman and Superman come to blows in Gotham's Crime Alley, the same street where Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered.

We know that this film will see Batman don the same heavily armored suit he does in The Dark Knight Returns, but will that be enough to defeat Superman?

In the comic, he does in fact have one piece of crucial outside help. He has got hold of some Kryptonite, and has [Arrow](series:720988) make it into one of his characteristic weapons, greatly weakening superman at exactly the right moment.

Could Zack Snyder's movie replace Arrow with Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, and have her inside access to LexCorp allow her get the kryptonite which she crucially uses to save Batman in his battle with Superman?

This is only a theory, but given the amount of rumors we have seen proved right so far - could it be the real plot of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)?

Write in with your own thoughts and plot speculations below the line!


Could Gal Gadot take Arrow's role in helping to defeat Superman?


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