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The votes are in and we're here at Round Two!

All of the ladies picked are amazing actresses but I have to say, I'm a bit shocked about how the voting turned out. Melissa Rauch (who plays the squeaky voiced Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory) was beat out by, what I would have considered the underdog, Aly Michalka (Easy A, Hellcats, The Roommate).

Then there was Saoirse Ronan beating out Katee Sackhoff. Both amazing actresses, but it's surprising to see Katee Sackhoff's fan base not pulling their weight on this voting.

Then there's Jena Malone (known for Sucker Punch and playing the crazy Johanna Mason in [The Hunger Games: Catching Fire](movie:303520)) who was beat out by the 'cute but could be crazy' Kristen Bell.

So, here are the winners of Round One!

Lindy Booth: Known for Kickass 2 as Night Bitch.

Emily Browning: Known for Sucker punch and Pompeii.


Lindy Booth vs Emily Browning

Aly Michalka: Known for Easy A, Hellcats, and The Roommate.

Amanda Seyfried: Known for Les Misérables, Lovelace, and Red Riding Hood.


Aly Michalka vs Amanda Seyfried

Saoirse Ronan: Known for The Host, Hannah, and Atonement.

Cassidy Alexa: Known for playing "the girl with pig tails" on the Suicide Squad episode of [Arrow](series:720988).


Saoirse Ronan vs Cassidy Alexa

Kaley Cuoco: Known for The Big Bang Theory, Charmed, and Author's Anonymous.

Kristen Bell: Known for Veronica Mars, Forgetting Sarah Marshal, and Frozen.


Kaley Cuoco vs Kristen Bell


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